Contemporary House V by I + GC [architectura]

Contemporary House V By I + Gc [architectura]

Completed in 2011, House V is a contemporary residence by I + GC [architectura]. It is located in Funes, Argentina, and its name comes from the V-like shape of the plan. The owners wanted a home built around a patio, but the idea was to also make sure that natural light would have access inside the building. This is where the special shape of the plan came from, as a solution for the specific requirements of the project.

The pool area looks like a natural extension of the house, and it has a direct relationship with the two-car garage and storage area. The floor level includes the entrance, an entry hall, and the living-dining area, while the first floor holds two bedrooms on one side, and a suite on the other. The two levels of the house are connected by a contemporary staircase.

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