Contemporary Una Hotel in Bologna, Italy

Contemporary Una Hotel In Bologna, Italy

Designed by Studio Marco Piva, Una Hotel is a luxurious business hotel that awaits its guests right across the railway station in Bologna, Italy. The city is famous for its rich culture, for holding one of the oldest universities in the world, for being open towards everything that is new and complementary, and for having a very important socio-cultural role in our globalizing society.

All these reasons led the interior designers to the conclusion that an excellent decoration idea would be to use writings in key spots throughout the building. Consequently, the lavish hotel boasts excerpts from different travel stories and other typographical elements that contribute to its unique character.

Inspiration came from many different text sources, with all of them having one thing in common: great travelers and their wonderful journeys, “whether they made a real voyage, like Marco Polo, an interior journey, like Rama or an epic journey like Ulysses”.


Photos by Alberto Ferrero

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