Cozy Overhang House designed by DADA & partners

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Located in New Delhi, India, the Overhang House designed by DADA & partners is a beautiful construction with simple and fine lines that satisfies the customer’s demands.

It is perfect for a family because it offers privacy and intimacy due to its location in the suburbs of New Delhi. This is more than a functional house, it’s a place where contemporary style is mixed with fluid arrangements to create the impression of a cozy and relaxing environment. By opening up the south face of the house, the light and ventilation were introduced.

The spectacular element consisting in an internal courtyard was designed to serve as a separator between the kitchen, living rooms and the parent’s room. The connection between the indoor and the outdoor is made through the use of frameless floor to ceiling glass.

Between the first and the second floors, you can see the son’s duplex spoiled by natural light that outlines the red and grey color palette and creates a stark interior. A staircase was placedto offer the connection between all levels because of the need to create easy access to all the places in the house. With a home like this, the owners couldn’t be happier!

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