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CR House In Zapopan, JAL, Mexico


The CR House was built in 2014 in Zapopan, JAL, Mexico, and it was designed by a team of architects from CoA Arquitectura. Spacious and luxurious, the residence features a strong connection with nature, a connection that’s emphasized by the use of wood for its interior finishes and furnishings, not to mention the numerous plants and trees that are found throughout its exterior courtyard.

The house flaunts 4,445 square feet of living space and boasts an L-shaped layout that facilitates the separation of the primary volume into two different sections. One section comprises two bedrooms, a studio and parking spaces, while the other includes the service areas, the main bedroom and the social areas such as the living room and kitchen. The space between these volumes is occupied by an iron and glass lattice that features a staircase.

The choice of wood for the furnishings and finishes was necessary in order to create a contrast with the rest of the materials. The plants form a beautiful courtyard garden that can be admired in its entire splendor from the living room and dining room.