Efficient Hill House by Rachcoff Vella Architecture

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The Hill House is a simple building that embraces the beach side location without being a “Beach Shack”. It is located in Mount Martha, Australia and was designed by Rachcoff Vella Architecture. Though it was designed for a single client with certain needs, he wanted the project to accommodate future changes.

It is north-south oriented and offers spectacular views from the hill on which is located. It is divided into two parts: one responding to the site and another one is curvaceous and delivers a requirement of the brief.

An important part of this concept consists in the details and consistent material selection offering flexible living for its inhabitants.

The interior design offers its owners the occasion of receiving various guests and also enjoying a relaxed and calm environment whenever they want. The spaces are added drama through the detailing of the joinery and the fixture selection.

The house is characterized by efficiency due to the high level of thermal comfort provided by exceptional insulation, motorized sun protection, the use of Low VOCC paints and cross ventilation accomplished with the efficient floor plan.

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