Extravagant 100 Harbor Drive Penthouse in California, USA

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The 100 Harbor Drive Penthouse is a stunning construction designed by the owners in collaboration with La Jolla-based designer Kathleen Zabacnik, ASID.

The house is surrounded by huge glass walls that offer views of the city and the mountains, accessible from every corner. Aside from the wonderful scenes, the interior design is breathtaking especially because of the amazing greenhouse ceilings and the walls and windows throughout.

When creating this space the rarest and the most precious materials were used, such as semi-precious panels that dress the private foyer’s walls, Inca gold limestone flooring, hand-hewn walnut flooring with custom borders, semi-precious slabs that encircle the wall surrounding the fireplace and many others.

The staircase is absolutely incredible because of the hand-forget iron railing and custom walnut treads and the crocodile leather rises that complete it.

The media room is something you’ve never seen before because it has zebra-wood cabinetry and a lush master bedroom with private bathroom with an enormous tub.

The coolness of the night brings the opportunity of enjoying the south-facing terrace that features a built-in stainless steel and glass pizza oven, a round stainless grill and a flat-screen TV.To all these, add two extra full-sized sun decks.

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This house is meant to pull your life out of the ordinary. For the price of $9,975,000 you’ll watch your life changing in an instant.

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