Everything You Need To Know About Low-Maintenance Kitchen Finishes

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Creating the perfect home is hard work. You need to think about the flow of the property, what spaces you need, how open plan it needs to be, and even what features to add into your kitchen. It can be a lot to deal with which is why most people turn to the specialists in custom-built homes

Potentially the most important part of this project will be the creation of the kitchen. This remains the heart of the modern home. But, when creating the perfect kitchen you should spare a little time to think about the maintenance side of things. It is possible to create a stunning kitchen that is low maintenance.

Ceramic Flooring 

Ceramic or even porcelain tiles are the best choice for your kitchen floor. They are available in a huge array of styles and colors, ensuring you can get the perfect finish for your kitchen floor. In addition, porcelain and ceramic files are highly resistant to water. Considering the amount of water that is used in the kitchen this is a vital factor that needs to be considered.

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Alongside this, they are generally scratch resistant and they don’t need any special cleaners. Simply mop them regularly and they will continue to look fantastic. 

Modern Flat Doors

Your kitchen cupboards are an essential part of your kitchen. While some people love the simplicity of modern designs, others prefer the intricacies of older styles, such as the Farmhouse look.

However, if you are concerned about maintenance you have no real choice. Modern designs are smooth with flat finishes. This minimizes the amount of dust and debris that can collect. In short, you’ll have to clean them less often and the process is easier 


This can be a difficult area as there are some stunning examples on the market. However, if you want durability and low maintenance you need to go with quartz. This material is very strong and is resistant to almost all types of scratches. It will take a lot to damage this and make it lose its shine.

Best of all, the countertop is very easy to clean. In most cases, warm water, soap, and a soft cloth are all you’ll need. It is worth noting that a quartz countertop is tough enough to withstand common cleaning products. 

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The best option for your appliances is to get stainless steel ones. There are some issues with stainless steel, specifically chalky residue when mixed with standing water. However, in general, the metal is durable, difficult to scratch, and very easy to keep clean.
Again, in most cases, a wipe with a soft cloth is enough. You can use cleaners if you prefer.

The Walls

Finally, the best option for your walls is satin paint as this looks great without being over the top and, best of all, it is very easy to keep clean. Satin paint can be wiped with a damp cloth and look like new in no time at all. 

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