Exquisite Penthouse North Star In Tel Aviv, Israel

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The luxurious Penthouse North Star was completed in 2012 in Tel Aviv, Israel by Lev-Gargir Architects. The residence features 3,767 square feet of living space as well as 2 levels, and it was designed to offer irreproachable living conditions for a young couple that is visited often by family and friends. In order to be able to entertain their guests, the owners needed a home that would flaunt modern amenities and facilities as well as comfortable living arrangements throughout.

Fortunately, Penthouse North Star meets all of the aforementioned requirements. The lower floor includes the entrance as well as 2 suites for the children, an entertainment area and the master suite. The upper level features breathtaking views of the city and is surrounded by a balcony that faces the sea, a nearby park and the gorgeous skyline. This floor also includes the kitchen, living room and dining room, all of which boast a predominantly white color palette that contributes to an atmosphere of elegance and fine taste.

Photos by Amit Geron

From the Lev-Gargir Architects:

The Interior Design of a two floor, 350 sq.m. (3,767 sq.ft) Penthouse in North Tel-Aviv.

The tenants: a young couple that entertains frequently.

The challenge: to create a surprising, bold, unconventional, minimalist space, with a dash of elegance and a touch of humor – all within a totally standard apartment building.

The lower (entrance) level has two children’s suites, a parent’s master suite and a large family entertainment room. They are all designed in a black monochrome palette which at times gives a dramatic scheme, and at times a casual cozy feeling.

The upper floor is actually a three sided glass cube surrounded by a perimeter balcony facing the park, city skyline and the sea in which a long reflection pool facing the sea was This floor was designed mainly in white to give a soft blending background to the kitchen, dining room and living room.

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