Fantastic St. Pancras Penthouse Apartment by Thomas Griem

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St. Pancras penthouse is a three-bedroom magnificent home designed by Thomas Griem of TG Studio for a client in London, England. The project is highly rated due to its unique character and especially because of the incredible view provided if we refer to the fact that it occupies the top three floors of the grade one listed St. Pancras rooms.

The floor plan was kept in perfect condition but the staircase and the balustrades were replaced because of the damages caused by the passage of time.

A new staircase provides the access to the master bedroom, located on the top floor, much easier.

All the furniture was chosen by The Studio and the bedroom was accessorized with a blue velvet meridiani bed flanked by colored lacquered tables from Lema. The new enlarged master bedroom accommodates a Portuguese travertine stone. The bathroom is the place in the house where we’d personally spend as much time as we could because of the extra-large shower with a flush TV and a bespoke double sink unit made out of stone.

Another stair connects the middle and the lower floor and also consists of a bridge that links to a library which forms the balustrade to one side.

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The upper floor is the area for relaxation because there you can enjoy a very comfortable seating area and a zone for the pool table.

The kitchen, the dining area and the TV watching area along with a library are located on the lower open floor plan. We continue our “journey” by viewing two bedrooms with dressing area and two ensuite bathrooms located in two gothic towers of the construction from where we have access to an incredible view of the surroundings.

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