Panoramic Cantagua House by Daniela Uribe Architects


Cantagua House is a project completed by Daniela Uribe Architects and is located in Cantagua Housing Complex, V Region- Chile. The project includes a second family house at the Coast and is characterized by panoramic views to the ocean, the use of raw materials and fine finishes and also by its special geometry.

Following the topography of the place, the house is divided into three volumes, the main volume being the foundation and the connector of the other two.

The suspended volume is directly connected to the first one, being an extension of it and including the living, dining room and master bedrooms overlooking the sea. The back volume is also connected to the first one and accommodates the kitchen area.

The North façade is the open and transparent side of the house, being connected to the sea, while the south façade is the private area that is linked to the entrance and Main Street of Cantagua Complex.

Everything, from the smallest details to the furniture, was designed according to the lines of the house.


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