Four Ways to Update Your Bedroom From Stale To Luxurious 

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Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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Your room is the only personal space in your whole home and the room where you unwind, re-energize and rest, so it makes sense that it ought to be the most comfortable and – let’s be honest, sumptuous – space, as well. 

Yet, if you’ve ignored it as of now and thinking about giving it the luxurious makeover it deserves, at that point, now may very well be an ideal opportunity to do it. As lockdown proceeds, we’re investing more energy at home than any time in recent memory – so why not benefit as much as possible from it and begin on that lavish update today? 

To assist you with the beginning process, we’ve gathered together some basic hints to make something happen for you – promising you your generally unwinding and helpful room ever. 

1. Bed

 There’s no 2nd thought that your bed is at the actual heart of your room, and given that we go through eight hours or all the more snoozing every evening, it’s the main household item you’ll claim.  

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If your bed isn’t giving you the solace and backing your need, at that point, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to put resources into another bedding – no one needs to be getting up every morning with a neck or spinal pain, and nor do they need to. 

If you are in the market for new bedding, you can find many variants online or find King Size Bed Frames at Luxo Living. 

Bedroom Luxurious 

2. Luxurious Statement pieces 

Exceptional statement pieces are the way to making a rich feel to be pleased with. Dodge all-matching furniture sets and select classical finds or modern turns on period pieces. A plated dresser or a velvet rocker can add some striking style to an, in any case, moderate room.  

Continuously recollect, however, that toning it down would be best – so don’t go over the edge on the lovely decorations, or they could wind up taking away from the space generally. Only a couple of will gets the job done. 

3. Soft furnishings 

Adding texture and warmth to your room with an extravagant new floor covering is one of the snappiest and least demanding approaches to up the style factor. From conventional embroidery prints to current designs, there’s an excellent fashioner rug out there for you. By picking either coordinating or integral tones, you can right away arrange your whole room – now and again, everything necessary is the easiest of contacts to have the greatest effect. 

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4. Art 

Add interest to exposed walls by picking a piece of fine art or two. Not exclusively will this infuse a decent portion of the character, yet it will likewise add an interesting and rich feel to your space – like a luxury hotel suite.  

If you can, why not get hold of an original by one of your top favorite artists? As a general rule, purchasing an original art piece is a sound investment for the future, just as an extraordinary method to add a little pizzazz and refinement to your room.

Bedroom Luxurious 


You deserve an awesome looking personal space for yourself, so now is the best time to get going on this wonderful endeavor for your own sake.

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