How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Every time you want to decorate your home, to change something or to make improvements, you have to spend a lot of money. Usually, if you think of making just one small change and you assign a budget, then you realize that are many other things that need to be replaced and you end by emptying your all accounts. Of course, the result is very satisfying but you can obtain the same effects and save money if you use some clever tricks.

1. Buy reconditioned furniture!

The last thing you want when you’re redecorating is to clutter your house with worn furniture, but you must take into account the possibility of saving some money. Antiques match perfectly with the shabby chic style and can add a vintage look to a room. Plus, you can recondition the furniture from a friend who thinks on giving up on it or you can use those parts that you find useless in the house. Cover the old table with a delicate fabric and use it as a book support.

2. Don’t follow the trends!

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Trends come and go, so if you arrange your house depending on the current tendencies, it is very possible that in a year or two, to make new modifications. So, in order to save money, count on a neutral décor with touches of colors, which never go out of style. If you’re thinking of buying a couch, choose one with a detachable cover in order to change only the carrying case when you get bored of the aspect of the sofa, and not the whole furniture piece.

3. Be careful with the decorations!

If you let yourself carried away, there are big chances for you to spend a little fortune on the decorations, especially because the accessories that you see in stores are very eye-catching. The decorations allow you to save important amounts of money. Don’t buy too many of them because you risk on crowding your home and to turn it into a kitsch décor and you might try to create some of your decorations by using stuff from your own house. Use the souvenirs you’ve collected during your vacations, family photos or any other dear things. Don’t forget about the books! With their help you can fill the empty shelves in order to give a warmer aspect to the space.

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4. Recycle and make your own decoration elements!

When you want to save money and to still arrange your home, the cleverest and efficient method of doing that is to recycle what you already have. For example, instead of buying a new vase, you can decorate a jar that you no longer use or, if the upholstery of a chair broke, cover it with a cheerful material.

Take into account the fact the redecorating and arranging your home is not only about the money. You can have a generous budget for this activity and to buy useless things, or you can have a tight budget and to make the most of every penny by creating a fresh, bright and welcoming décor.

Put your imagination to work, make the right choices and you will have a stylish home that all your friends will envy.



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