Idyllic Established Holiday Home by Hilberink Bosch Architects

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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When you think at your dream home, do you want it to be luxurious or functional? Well, the Holiday Home in theAlgarve is both! It is located in Moncarapacho, Algarve, Portugal and was designed by Hilberink Bosch Architects.

This fine residence is a holiday home designed for a Dutch principal and the landmarks were the life outdoors, the sun, the view over the ocean and the precious gathering with family and friends.

The house consists of three different plots, all owning a kinked roof and shifted in relation to each other. It’s sited on the highest point of the land.

The protection from the cold winter winds and the privacy are provided by the white stucco wall. Behind this wall, the construction opens towards the sun and the landscape.

The central point in the building that connects different functions and spaces is the swimming pool with its open roof structure.

Aside from all these, a beautiful orchard is waiting to be admired.

Photos by René de Wit

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