Impressive 66MRN-House In Singapore


Within the city state named Singapore, along the Stevens Road, we find a remarkable residence that covers 924 square feet of space. The building was completed in 2013, and it comprises two visually similar, interconnected blocks that contribute to a unique, eye-catching appearance. Their simplicity and elegance match perfectly with the overall imposing architecture of the building. The space that connects the two blocks features large windows that offer great views towards the street and invite as much natural light as possible throughout the abode.

Even though the home appears as a whole, its two sections can actually be used separately. The front block is clad in granite and was designed to house the social areas, the dining areas and the bedrooms, while the back section was built using concrete and incorporates the kitchen and the service areas.

Outside, there’s a reflective pool as well as artificial lighting arrangements, trees and trimmed shrubs. The 66MRN-House was designed by ONG&ONG Pte Ltd, and it represents a great example of contemporary architecture.

Photos by Derek Swalwell

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