Impressive Sky Loft By KUBE Architecture


Located in Dupont Circle, Washington, the modern Sky Loft was designed by a firm called KUBE Architecture, and it was completed in 2014. Originally a simpler 2-story loft, the residence was shaped into a remarkable open space that is flooded with natural light and offers irreproachable living conditions.

The staircase, bathroom, closets and kitchen were hidden from sight in order to allow the primary 2-story volume to stand out. As far as the kitchen is concerned, it can vanish completely behind a series of sliding doors. The closets found on the second floor are masked efficiently by white pivot doors, while the master bathroom hides away behind frosted glass panels.

Furthermore, a skylight placed at the core of the abode ensures an unhindered flow of natural light throughout all rooms. Overall, the Sky Loft adopts a white, minimalistic theme that is balanced by wooden floors and by an exposed brick wall found in close proximity to the staircase.

Photos by Greg Powers Photography

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