Exceptional Shams Villa By Karand Group In Saveh, Iran

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Built for a journalist who wanted a recreational home in close proximity to his family’s farm, the Shams Villa can be found in Saveh, Iran, and it was designed by Karand Group. The design team for this exceptional project consisted of Dokhi Sarabandi, Hadi Shapourian and Ali Shariati, and they did a great job in making sure that the 4,843-square foot abode would meet its owner’s requirements to the letter.

The project was completed in 2013, and it incorporates certain elements inspired from Persian architecture and culture. We’re talking about the presence of the 4 natural elements of wind, water, fire and earth that served as the starting point for the early concept. As far as water is concerned, it was exemplified by creating a pool around the house. The residence features 2 stories, and the first one incorporates the social areas such as the kitchen, guest room, living room and service areas. The second level flaunts a private living room as well as the bedrooms and another bathroom.

The Shams Villa was built using local materials and boasts a simple design that is meant to represent a modern interpretation of Iranian architecture.

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