Impressive The Cave Home In Oita Prefecture, Japan

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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The magnificent residence that you can admire in the images can be found in Nakatsu, within the Oita Prefecture of Japan, and it was designed by a skilled architect called Kenta Eto from Eto Kenta Atelier Architects. With 1,237 square feet of living space “The Cave” residence was finished in 2014 and boasts a sense of elegant minimalism and sophistication.

The name of the home was chosen in connection to its 3 open spaces that are complemented by a fourth larger one of 22 feet. By creating a special cavity that resembles a tunnel, the architects managed to add a sense of openness and comfort while retaining privacy. Speaking of privacy, the exterior façade of the residence was designed specifically to ensure shelter from prying eyes.

The interiors are minimalistic yet highly welcoming, and they involve high quality finishes complemented by hardwood floors, impressive lighting arrangements and simple yet impressive decors based on natural plants and playful shadows.

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