Inspiring House in La Moraleja, Madrid, Spain

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Finished in 2010 by Dahl Architects + GHG Architects, this residence can be found in La Moraleja, Madrid and was built for a family of 5. Spacious, luxurious and beautifully decorated, the house offers exceptional opportunities for relaxation, entertainment and socialization thanks to a plethora of facilities and amenities that were implemented by the architects upon construction.

With 2 separate floors, the abode flaunts an optimum separation of its public and private areas. As such, the main accommodation options such as the 4 bedrooms can be found on the first floor, and they are complemented by a private study and a gymnasium. The ground floor comprises a guest bedroom as well as the dining room, the service area, a games room and a library.

The owners wanted to be able to enjoy fabulous views of the surrounding environment from almost every room, which means that they didn’t want to be exposed to the urban views of the street. In order to meet their expectations, the architects implemented a circular wall that surrounds the rear of the residence and creates a selection of patios. Other outdoor highlights involve a gorgeous swimming pool as well as lounging and dining areas that are linked directly to the outdoor environment.

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Inside, the abode is as luxurious as you would expect thanks to a selection of high quality seating arrangements, impressive and vibrant decors and an interior fireplace that gives off an atmosphere of warmth and wellness.

From the Dahl Architects + GHG Architects:

The task is the construction of a permanent residence for a family of five members, the plot is located in a consolidate urbanization in the north area of Madrid.

On the ground floor there are the most public areas: 1 guest bedroom, library, games room, dining room and service area. On the first floor, there are 4 bedrooms with patios gym and study.

One of the requested requirements was that every rooms and social areas should have views into the plot, open to the garden area, the view should never be to the street, despite the reduced front and the need for functional independence of program areas, parents, children, guests, social and service areas.

In a generic world, increasingly away from the nature, this house was projected combining the uniqueness of the place with the express wishs of  the client who wants to protect his privacy  but remain in permanent conctact with the outside world as a private space . Wishes that  in time and space are hardly compatible

To achieve the desired privacy a circular wall that  surrounds the rear of the house has been designed , it creates a series of private patios protected from the public outdoor space, blurring and expanding the actual limits of the plot.

The access is hidden away between the paralel walls, it generate an intricate walk leads you to the entrance courtyard where the house shows its true magnitude

Every elements is ordered around a set of intersecting axes in plant on the circular wall, it articulating public and private areas around outdoor space, this is appear as an extension of their own construction.

In the opposite side, the house is open like a Light explosion and visual connections to the private garden areas,it plays with the reflect of water sheet.

Photos by Alfonso Quiroga

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