KaiF Residence In Kiev, Kyiv City, Ukraine

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This modern apartment in Kiev, Ukraine was remodeled and renovated extensively by a team of architects from FORM, and it was finished in 2014. It flaunts 1,291 square feet of space and features a combined living area that includes the kitchen, living room and dining area. The bedrooms remained unaltered for the most part, but the same cannot be said for the bathroom, which received a shower cabin.

Instead of using regular tiles, the architects implemented Travertine antique natural stone on the walls. However, the shower cabin was equipped with black tiles, which give off a sense of elegance. In order to make sure that the bathroom sinks would match and fit nicely, the architects decided to have them made specifically for this apartment. In the same spirit, the living room boasts a 16-foot sofa that was custom-made by Ukrainian manufacturers. This room also includes a large flat-screen TV that can be used to view movies in great detail.

Photos by Andrey Bezuglov

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