Modern And Comfortable House In Lasne, Belgium


Contemporary, elegant and luxurious, this residence in Lasne, Belgium is a wonderful place to come home to that was sketched out in 2007 by a firm named Olivier Dwek. The abode features 6,727 square feet of living space and was constructed on a 13-acre lot in close proximity to St. John’s International School.

It was built to house a family in exceptional conditions, and so it flaunts no less than 4 superb bedrooms as well as a dressing room and an office. The garage has enough space to house 2 cars but 4 cars can be parked easily in the driveway. The interior arrangements boast a sense of modernism and elegance that can impress at a glance. The living room features a flat screen TV, comfortable sofas and a fireplace that gives off an allure of warmth and wellness.

The terrace and the gardens face South and offer fabulous views of the surrounding natural environment.

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