Lavish Casa Ocho Jardines In Cuernavaca, Mexico

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Sketched out in 2014 by Goko MX, this sustainable and luxurious house is located in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Dubbed Casa Ocho Jardines, it boasts a single floor and incorporates high quality finishes and materials such as walnut woodwork, slabs and white walls, travertine marble floors and floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

A certain degree of sustainability was achieved by installing solar hot water heaters, photocells for electricity as well as LED lighting and water catchment and treatment systems. Each and every livable space benefits from its own indoor garden, and all living areas are linked to a central “tabachín” that floats in a pond. The master bedroom flaunts views of the main garden and of a bougainvillea garden, while the guest rooms open up to a Maculli garden and a fern garden. Outside, the residents enjoy access to a small lawn and a swimming pool that offers great opportunities for relaxation.

From the architect:

“Smart Living ”. The luxury of rest.

Today we live in an expedited manner within the city. Quality of life is measured in luxury rather than experience. On this basis we opted for a practical and sincere architecture to respond to the client’s needs, prioritizing internal, open, naturally lit spaces. Less built square footage that impact on a better cost, less use of resources and greater interaction with nature.

The goal: to create a home and a relaxing experience of absolute relaxation that contributes to the environment and a better quality of life. The mission was to provide the user with an alternative space where pleasure and relaxation can coexist. Areas on one level where they could meet each other or with guests to live and relax while doing something nice, like cooking, resting in the water, exercising, collecting fruit, having a drink or just sitting and admiring the landscape.

The natural heart

We take avantage of the main tree on the property and turn the project around it. On a single level we insert eight indoor gardens for each space, giving each one a different contact with nature. Inside we start our design from the central garden: A “tabachín” that floats on a reflecting pool and serves as the heart of the house, a connection between all spaces. The guest rooms open onto the interior gardens respectively, the garden of ferns and Macuilli garden. The master bedroom in the most private area opens onto the bougainvillea garden and the main garden, which is also connected to the living room, terrace, pool and dining room.

The Garden of cycads between living room and tv room, the orchard at the access, green courtyards in the bathrooms and the green tunnel for direct access to the main garden complement the configuration of the project. Although our architecture plays a key role within the house, it is through the insertion of spaces for contemplation of nature that we achieve a true experience.

Efficient architecture: we achieve more with less.

We base the design of the house on a grid that conforms the structure, organizes and opens the space. So we play with the flexibility within the house through offsetting walls. Full floor to ceiling windows 3.60 m high emphasize the views and the importance of natural lighting for the entire project. The interior height keeps the spaces fresh despite the high temperatures in Cuernavaca.

We inject natural lighting through different systems: overhead lighting in domes and courtyards, through windows and finally indirect natural light offsetting slabs at different heights. Materials such as travertine marble for floors and main walls, walnut for the living room and woodwork, tiles and white walls, and transparent floor to ceiling glass resulted in the feeling of a fresh, open, warm and much larger space.

All artificial led lighting, systems for water collection and treatment, photo-cells to produce electricity, and solar heaters for hot water reduced the energy consumption of the house and create a project more aware of our surroundings. In conclusion, this project is a reflection of the philosophy of our office, GoKo pays much more attention to planning, client needs and understanding of the environment, rather than a prescribed aesthetic formula.

Location: Cuernavaca, MOR, Mexico
Project Architects: Christopher Koehn, Jose Martín González
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Aki Itami R.

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Project Director: Isaac Guzmán
Construction: Vansa
Landscape: Polen
Lighting: Martín Leal

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