Magnificent Herringbone House in London, UK

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Masterfully designed by Joao Neves and Zoe Chan from Atelier Chanchan and built in 2013, the Herringbone House can be found within a premium location in Islington, London, UK. The residence is comprised of 2 main volumes: a gable-ended one at the front and a rectangular-shaped one at the back. Due to the incredible herringbone brickwork that was used in the construction process, the residence boasts a distinct and unique allure that can’t be matched by any other home in its vicinity.

On the inside, large floor-to-ceiling windows allow the main living areas to be flooded with light, and while the natural light of the sun itself would be enough to ensure a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the Herringbone House also boasts a bright, minimalistic interior design based on shades of crisp white, cream and brown.

Comfortable living arrangements and high-end amenities ensure that each and every corner of this lovely abode oozes comfort and tempts with opportunities for relaxation. Welcoming, cozy and highly comfortable, this stunning home in London represents a modern masterpiece that could serve as a great source of inspiration for your future projects.

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Photos by Mike Tsang Photographs, Thomas Giddings

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