Mere Villa Areopagus by Paravant Architects

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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It’s true, we like extravagance but they say the most beautiful things in life are the simplest ones. The house you’re about to see, is one of the most beautiful things a man could own. The Villa Areopagus in Atenas, Costa Ricawas designed by Paravant Architects in close response to the subtropical climate. This is a contemporary place with a quite complex character despite its simple aspect.

The entire south façade is opened towards the lap pool and provides incredible view over the surrounding mountains of the tropical rain forest, while the street facing façade is closed.

Have you ever took a closer look into your house and discovered that you own many useless things? Well, we did, and by seeing this estate we are even more convinced to get rid of them!

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