Mirrored Los Terrenos by Tatiana Bilbao

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The architect Tatiana Bilbao has designed the Los Terrenos project in 2016. This 480.0 m2 is located in a residential zone in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico.

This home’s components are enclosed in the perfect square in the general plan. Every volume located in the corners surround the organic shaped pool.

The existing flora and fauna of the site determined the current landscape strategy.

The social area is found on the rest level, enclosed by a mirrored glass envelope, which contains and reflects the amazingly beautiful surrounding.

The main room oversees the treetops, while the rest of the bedrooms are located underground and built with rammed earth and clay according to the topography.

The three-program area features a lattice that was built in accordance with the distinct spatial connections and structures: it functions as a permeable but solid door, screen partition, and structural wall, and as a semi-open wall that permits the sunlight to penetrate the indoor environment.

From the architect:

The site of Los Terrenos is nearby Casa Ventura is located in a residential zone adjacent to the southwest side of Monterrey, it’s a highland forested zone. The housing program is fragmented according to each component’s function and role within the site, but they are all enclosed in a perfect square in the general plan. Each volume located in the corners, surrounding an organic shaped pool.

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The landscape strategy aimed to respond and mimic the existing ora and fauna of the site in a designed aspect. The social area is on the rest level, within a mirrored glass envelope that simultaneously reflects and contains the lush surrounding; the main room overlooks the treetops; the other bedrooms are underground and built with clay and rammed earth in relation to the topography.

The three program areas have a lattice that was designed to adapt according to different spatial connections and structural possibilities: it works as a solid and permeable door, screen partition, and structural wall, and as a semi-open wall that allows ventilation and sunlight bathing the interior spaces.

·         Architects: Tatiana Bilbao

·         Location: San Pedro Garza García, Mexico

·         Design Team: Paola Toriz, Sofía Betancur, Roberto Rosales, Enrique Silva, José Amozurrutia

·         Area: 480.0 m2

·         Project Year: 2016

·         Photographs: Rory Gardiner

·         Partners: Catia Bilbao

·         Office Manager: Juan Pablo Benlliure

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