Rustic Lake House by Cadi Arquitetura

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The Lake House designed by Cadi Arquitetura is an architectural gem located in Imigrante, Brazil. It was built in 2017 and features an area of 96.0 m2 to accommodate the family and their friends.

The owner is a 26 years old DJ who wanted to build a property in the middle of the nature. His refuge is located near the city of Imigrante, in the middle of the mountains that protect the city.

This project started from the simple idea of a cabin. It was determined by the surroundings that include an artificial lake of over one thousand square meters of area.

The cabin does not have dorms just because it is used only for leisure. It includes living spaces and TV, kitchen, and dinner connected to large openings that are linked to the outside.

Both the rustic style and the nature were the inspiration for the design of this hut. Wood and Jacarandá stones in their raw form were used to build it.

The 3m long fireplace is a beautiful attraction of the interior space and it was specially built due to the cold and humid climate of the place.

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The décor features an industrial style that turned this home into a rustic contemporary living space.

The lighting in the kitchen was made on rails with spots, while the structures that hold the cabinets feature black metallic tubes.

The burnt cement of the floor mixed with the apparent wood give warmth to the indoor space.

As for the external area, the intention was to maintain the natural and organic air of the property, adding only parallelepiped to mark the accesses.

The single element designed was a sitting in the proximity of the lake, with a floor grill used as a fireplace and decking bench.

From the architect:

Space to meet friends and enjoy good music. This was the wish of the owner, who is a DJ and is 26 years old. Located near the city of Imigrante, in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, the place is in the highest part in the middle the mountains that surround the city. The property of 96m² is a refuge in the middle of nature.

The concept of the project started from the idea of ​​a cabin since the surroundings have an artificial lake of more than one thousand square meters of area. The cabin is only used for leisure and therefore does not have dorms. The project has a large leisure area that includes living spaces and TV, kitchen and diner facing large openings that connect to the outside, allowing a privileged view of all angles of the lake and mountains.

The nature of the place and the rustic style were the inspiration for the design of the hut where we used a lot of wood and Jacarandá stones in their raw state, that is, without mortar between them reminiscent of the existing taipas in the place.

The interior space has a fireplace with 3m long thought due to the climate of the place that is quite cold and humid, as it is located 500m altitude in the middle of the closed forest. The decor followed the industrial style and transformed the house into a rustic contemporary space. In the kitchen area, the lighting was made on rails with spots and the structures that house the cabinets have black metallic tubes. The apparent wood, combined with the burnt cement of the floor, gave warmth and warmth to the environment.

In the external area, we interfere as little as possible, because the objective was to maintain the more natural and organic air that the property has, using only parallelepiped marking the accesses. The only element designed was a sitting near the lake, with decking bench and a floor grill also used as fireplace.


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·  Architects: Cadi Arquitetura

·  Location: Imigrante, Brazil

·  Authors: Daiane Renner, Ismael Stimamiglio

·  Team: Francine Henz

·  Area: 96.0 m2

·  Project Year: 2017

·  Photographs: Cristiano Bauce

·  Manufacturers: Portobello Shop

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