Modern Kasokudo Bonsai Planter By Adrian Magu


By tapping into his expertise as a designer in the automotive industry and his passion for nature and its endless beauty, Adrian Magu created Kasokudo – a contemporary Bonsai planter that looks absolutely sublime.

The product features an elongated, seemingly accelerating shape that doesn’t tip over even though it looks like it might. It houses a bonsai tree and flaunts a 3D printed representation of mountains that looks artificial and contrasts with the natural appearance of the tree. Furthermore, since the process of 3D printing much faster than the process of growing a Bonsai tree, the two elements are even more at odds with each other.

The Kasokudo Bonsai planter was created with utmost attention to detail and represents a merger between cutting edge technology and nature.

Design: Adrian Magu  – [email protected]
Photography by Andy Beard

From the designer

Designer Adrian Magu’s interest for everything green and his work in the automotive industry has resulted in the Kasokudo Bonsai Planter; a stunning fusion of form and function.

Referencing speed forms and manufacturing processes used in transportation design, this piece juxtaposes movement applied to what is usually a static object.

The piece gives the impression of an accelerating form that effortlessly floats to house a bonsai tree, evoking a perfect balance of dynamic harmony.

The latest manufacturing processes of the highly polished finishes of the planter and 3D-printed ‘mountains’ contrast to that of nature that usually takes many decades to grow, sculpt and form the gnarled bonsai forms.

In all, a unique synthesis of cutting-edge precision with the imperfect beauty of nature.

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