Corredor House In Región Metropolitana, Chile

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Sketched out by Chauriye Stäger Arquitectos, the Corredor House was built in 2012 on a picturesque site in Region Metropolitana, Chile. The building includes two solid blocks that are linked by a central staircase, and since each block features its own second floor, the private living areas are efficiently separated from the social ones.

Inspired in its design by other homes in Central Valley, the Corredor House boasts a special pathway along its length as well as a concrete ribbon that forms a balcony. The architects wanted to make sure that the home would fit in with its natural surroundings, which is why they used materials such as pebble-like stones, impregnated pinewood and oxidized metal for its construction.

Inside, there is an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that encourages a luxurious lifestyle. The residence offers 10,763 square feet of living space as well as multiple amenities and modern facilities.

Photos by Pablo Blanco

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