Modern Residence On Hunter Street, Abbotsford, Australia

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Designed by experts from ODR Architects with Steven McKellar and John Mercuri as the architects in charge, this modern residence can be found on Hunter Street in Abbotsford, Australia, and it features 4,165 square feet of living space. The town planner for this amazing project was Eddie Zagami, Robert Brotchie & Associates took care of the engineering issues, and Lexicon Gulf was the builder.

The complex involves 3 interconnected units that offer comfortable living arrangements for those who are lucky enough to reside within. The residence features a modern, somewhat futuristic design that involves sharp angles, irregularly shaped windows and coats of pure, white paint. Inside, high quality wooden floors and a selection of modern furniture pieces complemented by modern yet subtle décor elements that give off a sense of wellness and elegance.

Photos by Armelle Habib

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