Naka Phuket Resort in Thailand

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The Naka Phuket is a dream resort in Thailandthat was conceived by Duangrit Bunnag. It perfectly includes the landscape in the design of this hotel.

Placed in watery scenery, the wide glass walls offer this building a very good sunlight intake and create a beautiful view for the guests that stay in. The beach is close, but the resort also has exterior pools and a wood pontoon that goes over the water. It’s the perfect place in which guests can relax and enjoy the hot weather.

The house itself has a unique shape, with rectangular rooms placed on top of a stone base. Level differences and un-even placing of the rectangular areas create the impression that the house has rooms emerging towards the water. The glass-walled terraces give the guest the impression of walking or on air. The classy and elegant interior design is based on a combination of brown wood for the flooring and accents on the furniture, black and white. The bedrooms have the beds oriented towards the water and a balcony.

On the outside, the “garden” is made out of small grass islands that convert step by step into golden sand and then become water.

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