Openhouse Project by XTEN Architects

Openhouse Project By Xten Architects

XTEN Architecture designed the luxurious Openhouse, located in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA. The 4,500-squre-foot house is perfectly integrated into the landscape and, at the same time, open to the majestic city.

The architects wanted to create an open space home, which is why the retaining walls’ purpose is to extend the first floor living level into the landscape, creating gardens on two levels. Glass is of utmost importance for the architecture of this residence. This is the material that makes the inside-outside boundary disappear, and connects the spaces with the gardens and patios.

The house features 44 seven-feet-wide sliding glass panels, mirror glass walls, fixed glass walls and light gray glass panels that allow natural light flow into the home. Opposed to the fragility of this material, the interior design is made of dark stained oak, stone, plaster and tinted concrete. Cut pebble flooring was used for the inside of the house, and for the terraces and decks, creating a feel of continuity.

Openhouse Project by XTEN Architects

Photos by: Art Gray

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