The Freshwater House in Sydney, Australia

The Freshwater House In Sydney, Australia

The architects from Chenchow Little Studio designed this amazing residence, called the Freshwater House, situated in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

The 3,000-square-foot home has an original architecture, its main focus being the operable façade with simple detailing, which offers both shade and privacy in this rather public area. The residence is divided into three different levels.

The first level is the enclosed basement area, which includes an entry vestibule and the garage that are concealed from the public view and integrated into the natural surrounding. This entire level is wrapped around with vertical weathered timber battens, which extend into a balustrade towards the ground floor.

The second level features the living area, which was designed as an expansive, open and fluid space, offering amazing views of the surrounding area.

The third and last level is the bedroom area, situated above the living space. The entire level is ‘hidden’ under a veil of custom-made exterior bi-folding shutters, which offer privacy, shade and dappled light to the entire level.

The Freshwater House in Sydney, Australia

Photos by: John Gollings
Source: ArchDaily

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