Perfect House Renovation Project in Sydney, Australia

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This spacious and luxurious home was renovated extensively by experts from a company called Bruce Stafford Architects, and it can be found in Sydney, Australia. The building was originally a multi-tenancy project that featured a 80s style design, but it now boasts a modern exterior and interior design that can leave passersby breathless.

The renovation project involved keeping the original external walls, but everything else was upgraded masterfully in order to meet contemporary standards of luxury and sophistication. With fabulous views of the nearby harbor and of the city itself, this is an amazing place to call home indeed, but its list of highlights is so much more comprehensive. For example, ample dining and seating arrangements are found in the main living room, which also includes large floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the views of the waters.

The first and the second floors both feature patios with glass railings, while the ground floor is linked to an outdoor deck that has a beautiful swimming pool. Inside, the different levels are linked by a wooden staircase that appears to be suspended in mid-air. Other highlights include a fireplace, spotlight-based lighting arrangements and high-end appliances.

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