Reconstrução De Moradia Project In Felgueiras, Portugal

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Reconstrução de Moradia is an ambitious project that was completed by Fernando Coelho in Felgueiras, Portugal. It is centered on a ruined farmhouse and a granary, both of which were transformed into an outstanding home due to clever design strategies and hard work. The cores of both buildings were demolished, as were their roofs, while some of the walls are consolidated and act as reminders of the buildings’ origins.

The architects collaborated with the owners and had to learn their lifestyles in order to create a suitable abode for them. The house features two levels and is entered at the ground floor, which comprises the storage facilities, the laundry room and a garage. Inside, an interior staircase leads the way to the first floor, where we find a living room at the center as well as a kitchen, dining room and a pantry on one side. The other side of the house includes a master suite, a pair of bedrooms with their own bathrooms and a dressing area.

From the architect:

To the existing implementation area (Farm House) is added to the establishment of 200,00m2 for housing construction. The granary (8,00m2) existing will be recovered.

The existing buildings are in an advanced state of degradation. The interiors are in ruins. We decided to completely demolish the “core” of both and the roofs, recovering and consolidating part of the outer walls, which will be in memory of what existed. The new housing will be located within these limits, like a loose box, the new volumes are developed and are born from the ruins shaping itself to land following the natural curves of it.

The building is suitable for the intended use. The project was defined taking into account the wishes and lifestyle of the owners.

The project complies with the surrounding context.

The land is currently in a natural state. This feature will be maintained in almost all of it, if waterproofing only to housing local area. The project intends to cause the least earthmoving possible.

The house develops on two floors. At the road level and with direct entrance, is located the ground floor, with garage, laundry and storage compartment. The interior stairs make the connection to the first floor. On one side are located the kitchen, pantry and dining room. In the “central” area of the house, the hall, the connecting stairs to the lower floor and the living room.

On the other side there are an office and the intimate areas: two bedrooms with bathroom, and the master suite with dressing room.

Architects: Fernando Coelho
Location: Felgueiras, Portugal
Area: 540.0 sqm
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: José Campos
Engineering: Paulo Oliveira
Builder: Adalberto e Filhos

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