Rock Copper Glass Home In Canada

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The Rock Copper Glass residence features a remarkable mix of rustic and contemporary design elements, and it was aptly remodeled by a team of architects from cdrg+RedTeam. It can be found in Canada and offers 5,500 square feet of living space, which are quite enough to accommodate a normal-sized family in optimum conditions.

On the outside, the abode boasts expansive art glass windows and timber frames, superb stonework and a front entry that was conveniently positioned in order to be illuminated by the midday sun. Inside, the owners are able to enjoy a smooth transition between all rooms, and this gives off a sense of spaciousness. The materials used in the remodeling endeavor include glass, timber, metal and concrete.

As previously mentioned, this home flaunts a combination of modern and classic features. Its kitchen is equipped with modern appliances, but it also has classic cabinetry. Another fine example is the living room that has tall wooden ceilings, stone walls, a fireplace, contemporary furnishings and a flat-screen TV.

From the architect:

Considering the flashy nature and the innovative designs that rustic contemporary houses are sporting of late, it really is not easy to fabricate a home that can showcase a mountain rustic look with just the right touch of contemporary.

Yet, this bold design, is really something ‘different’ and the moment you lay your eyes on it, you cannot but help fall in love with its well-defined plan, sleek look, amazing use of natural stone and integration of BC fir and raw metal into the structure. This house is a direct design response to site, form and utility of building material, which combine to create a solid, robust structure. Disclosure of the stone work, expansive art glass windows and timber frame accents creates a visual impact. The front entry and facade is aligned with the midday sun. The long side of the triple garage act as a retaining wall.

Inside this house, rooms slide into each other, dissolving the problem of further enclosure. The plan is unrestricted by the geometry and a sense of infinite space is achieved. Materials are reduced to a palette of metal, concrete, glass and timber, underpinning the desire for a rustic but still contemporary home to be basic and creating an embedded modesty.

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