Seamlessly Apartment by the Beach by ZZ Architects

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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The Apartment by the Beach in Mumbai, India is a residence designed by ZZ Architects located just steps away from the tempting sand of its beach.

The structure needed a lot of repair because this house is a former sea facing apartment that got deteriorated over the years. In order to explore sufficiently the great view of the Juhu Beach, the high walls were adjusted and the entire structure was revamped to transform the house into a contemporary home.

The main challenges of the project were to create a home that could visually be connected to the ocean beyond and to integrate within the schema an AV technology and lighting.

The views are spectacular but the heavy ocean winds had to be obstructed by some large aluminum windows.

The elegance and the sophistication of the interior design are highlighted by the use of the warm colors and the luxurious material palette.

This house was transformed into a comfortable personal retreat for the owners due to the blurring of the boundaries between the interior and exterior.

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