Serene Residence One In Félicité, Seychelles

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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Even though the Zil Pasyon resort of the island of Félicité in the Seychelles won’t open its doors for visitors until 2015, we’re actually able to offer you a glimpse inside one of its most incredible villas.

Residence One is a manifestation of contemporary luxury and unmatched comfort that features its own bridge, moat and a massive doorway that measures no less than 13 feet in height. Perched at an elevated location, this villa features staggering views of the surrounding lush environment and of the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean, both of which can be enjoyed in full from its outdoor patio or from the master bedroom found at the second floor.

Aside from the views and the plush living arrangements, Residence One will also tempt its visitors with a remarkable infinity pool that measures 50 feet and with 2 conventional swimming pools. Furthermore, the ceiling of the living room is actually a swimming pool as well, which can be accessed from the master bedroom and features a remarkable, transparent glass bottom.

Designed by Studio RHE.

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