Small Yet Comfortable Tiny Project By Alek Lisefski


If you thought that a small home could never ensure a proper amount of comfort, then you were dead wrong, and you’re about to see exactly why once you read about the incredible Tiny Project by Alek Lisefski. This lovely little house on wheels measures just 8 feet by 20 feet and boasts 2 levels.

The home features 10 windows and a glass door, which means that it is constantly flooded by natural light. Moreover, since it was designed to be self-sustainable, the Tiny Project boasts passive solar heating as well as blue-stain beetle-kill ponderosa pine ceilings and walls. The inside of the residence is packed with all the necessary appliances and amenities necessary to sustain a comfortable lifestyle. As we mentioned before, the Tiny Project is a mobile home, and once it is parked at a convenient location, it only requires an extension cord and a water hose to operate properly. Solar panels and water collection systems can also be added if the location proves to be of a more permanent nature.

You can admire the Tiny Project yourself by browsing through the following images. Would you live in a small home such as this?

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