Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting – An Economical Solution for Your Garden

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Jane Mullock
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If during the cold season we spend all the time inside the house, when the warm season starts thing are changing, especially, in the pleasant summer evenings, when we spend long hours outside, in the yard, patio or backyard. At night we need external light sources to provide visibility and to shape the beauty of the yard and the garden.

The simplest and most practical solution is represented by the lighting fixtures powered by solar energy, which are lighting up automatically when the darkness falls, generating enough light all night long. The solar luminaries are equipped with solar panels that store in a battery the sunlight throughout the day and then transform it in electricity via a LED device when the night comes. Therefore, equipping the yard and the garden with such luminaries will relieve the electricity grid extension and the additional costs on your energy bill.

The solar lighting fixtures are equipped with light sensors that are automatically generating the switching. Therefore, for lighting your balcony or your patio, you can buy outdoor wall scones. For shaping your alleys at night, you can choose from a wide range of decorative lighting poles or sunlight floor lamps powered by solar energy.

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The sunlight floor lamps can be embedded  in the floor of the terraces, alleys, garages, playgrounds for children and can be used for shaping pools and stairs, being highly resistant to traffic because of the thick glass with which are equipped in the superior side.

In addition to the above mentioned options, there are models of decorative solar lamps, especially designed to be hung on trees, beautifully outlining the various areas of the garden and courtyard.



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