Special Trinity Bellwoods Town + Homes by Cecconi Simone


Trinity Bellwoods Town + Homes is a project designed by Cecconi Simone. It is located in Toronto, Canada and is a fabulous contemporary home that makes use of a color palette based on black and white accentuated by bright yellow.

The master suite is the perfect private space that includes a custom walnut-laminate sleep unit with a bed, side tables, a sofa and display niches with LEDs.

The space exudes simplicity, good taste and elegance, wrapped in sophistication due to some small but effective decorative elements that turn the interior design into a special ambiance.

Photos by Joy von Tiedemann

From the Cecconi Simone:

The model for “Trinity Bellwoods Town + Homes” showcases contemporary interior design, imparting a progressive brand identity to this urban-infill project in a market segment crowded with retrograde developments.

Cecconi Simone conceived the interiors and custom fixtures for the three unit types within the community – 4.1 meter-wide, 4.6 meter-wide and 5.8 meter-wide. The ground level and third floor of the 4.6 meter unit are represented in the model, in a clean palette of white, black, walnut and yellow.

Custom millwork, with alternating closed and open storage, spans the full length of the ground level, generating a continuous, horizontal composition of solids and voids. The stair, kitchen island tower and integrated exhaust hood introduce modulating elements of verticality.

Subtle millwork details in the kitchen include zero-edge Corian counters, a slotted shelf for standing dishes, back-painted seamless backsplash and integrated appliances. A built-in bench in the dining area is complemented by an integrated ledge in the living area, both with storage below.

The master suite features a custom walnut-laminate sleep unit, incorporating a bed, side tables, sofa and display niches with LEDs. The ensuite contains a specially-designed vanity with integrated white Corian sinks, counter and backsplash and open and closed storage cabinets in white and walnut laminate. Custom wall-mounted medicine cabinets are accessed via a pivoting mirror.

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