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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Desislava Ivanova and Branimira Ivanova are two Bulgarian designers (also twins), and the founders of Gemelli Design, a studio based in Sofia, Bulgaria. All their works are unique and truly spectacular, and the following bathroom concepts are no exception.

The first one is called “H2O in Geometry”, and it is meant to underline the vital relationship that man has with this amazing natural element – water. The space is divided in two areas, set on different levels and connected by stairs. The two zones have different functionalities, but together they form one perfectly harmonious space, where color blue plays a very important role.

The second set of images shows the “An Oasis in a Sandstorm” bathroom, a bold project where a sculptural contemporary bedroom is separated by an equally impressive bathroom by a transparent glass wall and a fireplace.

For a seamless transition between the two rooms, the designers chose to use a glass instead of an opaque material, and they also decided to keep the same geometric play of shapes in both areas. The different colors of each space also overlap to ensure continuity from one room to the other.

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