Sustainable Home in the Log Cabin by Ryntovt Design

Sustainable Home In The Log Cabin By Ryntovt Design

This beautiful single-family house in Kharkov, Ukraine was completed in 2011 by Ukrainian studio Ryntovt Design. It is called Home in the Log Cabin and it offers 1,291 square feet of tastefully appointed living spaces. Inspired by nature, the architects at Ryntovt Design always use eco-friendly techniques and materials for their projects. This one is no exception from the rule.

Without compromising on comfort and beauty, the home was built with minimum production of waste, vibration and radiation, using sustainable and recyclable materials, in a simple and harmonious manner. On the ground level there is a living/dining/kitchen area, a guestroom, and a bathroom. A wooden staircase with storage space inside the steps connects this level with the upper one.

Every room was furnished with Yuriy Ryntovts furniture. The entire construction features only natural materials, such as clay, plaster with natural additives (grass, hay), wood, metal, and natural fabrics. One of our favorite features is found in every bathroom of the house. The sinks are situated under windows, so when people wash their faces in the morning, nature greets them with a sunny smile. A mirror can then be slid or closed over the glass pane. A wonderful concept!

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