The Beautiful K House by Paz Gersh Architects

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Anne Francis
Anne Francis
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K House is a lovely two-story residence in Ramat HaSharon city near Tel Aviv, Israel. It was completed in 2009 by studio Paz Gersh Architects, for a family with three kids. The architects changed “the existing orientation into a house that creates a complex relationship with the green belt surrounding the house”.

The home has two main facades: a North facing and a South facing one. The first is open and transparent, and it faces the green outdoors. This gives it a sense of space and openness, while also ensuring enough privacy in the large public area. The second façade is actually a double façade that filters the light as it passes through and goes towards the center of the home.

With a combination of local architectural influences and modern “International style”, the K House is a perfect family home: spacious, luminous and inviting.


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