Tantangan Villa in Bali


This family house from Bali, Indonesia, was designed by the architects at Word of Mouth. The location was perfect, since it is set on a private beach in Nyanyi Beach and has a gorgeous view over the Indian Ocean.

The concept design revolves around the watery landscapes that surround the villa. Moreover, green energy had to be used as a solution for the house to supply itself with the needed energy.

The house has only one base level of living, but the terrain’s difference in level divides the house. The lower part of the building is near the outside pool and it holds the social areas. This part has no walls, looking more like a covered terrace with lots of couches for hanging out near the pool. The upper part of the house hides the bedrooms. Here, the interior design is inspired from the nature around, with furniture made of bamboo sticks, white curtains and stone-like stools.

Living here is a good metaphor of living in harmony with nature since nature is at its place even inside this family home.

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