The Net Zero Energy House by Lifethings

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This unique residence is called Sosoljip and it was designed by Yang Soo-in from the Lifethings architectural company. The house was built in 2012 for architect and cultural curatorDr. Jung Soik, in an attempt to prove that it is possible to build an environmentally conscious and self-sufficient dwelling with a limited budget.

Placed in a farming and fishing village four hours away from Seoul, the abode is set in a beautiful, natural environment and provides 230 square meters (2,475 sq. ft.) of living spaces for the owner and her parents. The house is divided into three separate areas: one for the parents, one for the client and a Bed and Breakfast area.

The main area includes a kitchen, a dining space, a bedroom and the parents’ living room. The client benefits from an independent studio that is connected to the main area through a porch. This studio can also work as an architecture classroom and a library. The Bed and Breakfast area works as a buffer zone, and it is used for guest accommodations, featuring rooms that are placed on the lower level of the house. Additionally, the B&B roof work as a garden and offers exquisite views of the sea.

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Facilities include solar panels and solar heat collection tubes, as well as a wood-burning boiler and modestly sized windows that prevent heat loss.


Photos by Kyungsub Shin

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