The Carapicuiba House, Brazil

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Designed by Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni, the Carapicuiba house is a beautiful 4,467-square-foot residence, completed in 2008. It is located in the city with the same name, Carapicuiba, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The house has a unique architecture. It was built according to the site requirements, and so the ground level of the residence, which falls into a little valley, cannot be seen from the street level.

The building was designed to serve both as a home and office. The best solution to accomplish this was to divide the house into two levels connected through a steel bridge. The office was placed upstairs, resembling a suspended 25-meter-long tube, which opens at both extremities. Both the lower and upper levels were integrated into the landscape, surrounded by woods, gardens and a beautiful pool.

The basic materials used for the construction were glass and concrete, the first offering support and privacy, and the other enlarging the space, and incorporating the outside into the indoor areas.


Photos by: Nelson Kon

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