The Das Stue Hotel- A Unique Piece of Art

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Berlin, Germany is the home for Das Stue Hotel which is a hip and stylish place emanating sophistication and fun. It is housed in the former Royal Danish Embassy built in 1930’s which was designed by the architect Johann Emil Schaudt.

The fusion between the old and the new is made by the extension behind the grand main building. The public spaces, such as the restaurant and the bar were decorated in a special and unique way in order to share an intimate and tranquil atmosphere with the guests.

Fine quality materials were used to resonate with the luxury inside. The views over the Berlin Zoo, seen through the panoramic windows, were used as a central design element by LVG Arquitectura. Classic furniture meets contemporary design and natural tones and materials are mixed with sleek white surfaces and dark oak flooring.

This building is the living truth of a piece of art resistant to the passage of time test.

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