The Haack House, Guaiba, Brazil

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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Situated in Guaíba, Brazil, the Haack House project was completed by 4D-Arquitetura studio. The 4,750-square-foot modern house features a design based on a unique volume composition and on straight lines.

Because the residence is located in a neighborhood where fences and walls are not allowed, the architects had to think about a solution to offer privacy to the owners. So, they divided the building into three parallel horizontal blocks. The central one has two floors, and includes the social areas downstairs and the private area upstairs. A large mezzanine connects the two floors and separates the master bedroom from the other rooms through a footbridge.

The structure of the house is made of metal girders and pillars and the support consists of two large concrete plans. This provides more interior space and two covered open livings, one on each side of the house. Large glass panes and frames allow the light flow into the house. The other two side blocks are more closed. One is coated with masonry and the other is wood-paneled.

Photos courtesy of 4D-Arquitetura

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