The Selgascano Office by SelgasCano Arquitectos

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This rather eccentric office space can be found in Madrid, Spain and it was sketched out by SelgasCano Arquitectos in order to provide office workers an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while still being able to work at their everyday tasks.

In order to achieve a perfect working environment, the developers decided that the roof had to be as transparent as possible, offering great views of the surrounding environment. At the same time, they had to shelter the desk area from direct sunlight. This was achieved by making the northern side of the office completely transparent, covering it up with a Plexiglas sheet. The desks were placed on the southern side, in a partially enclosed area, padded with naturally colored polyester and a double sheet of fiberglass.

This way, the northern part offers unrestricted, clear views, while the southern part is discretely bathed in translucent light and shadows.

The Selgascano Office offers a different perspective on deskwork, and it represents a unique and innovative idea that will surely inspire other companies to develop similar projects, hopefully in the near future.

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Photos by Iwan Baan

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