Gorgeous Cliff House in Washington, USA by Scott Allen

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Cliff House is a gorgeous contemporary home designed by Scott Allen, a Bainbridge Island-based architect. It is located in Gig Harbor, Washington, USA, right on the water’s edge. The residence replaced an old boathouse and guesthouse, but its size was limited by a regulatory agreement.

Being set against a natural cliff, the new house’s roof works as a continuation of the upland lawn. From here, access to the house is made possible by a glass elevator that descends to the other two levels of the residence. The new boathouse is separated by the main dwelling by a lovely outdoor living space with an outdoor fireplace and a wood-burning pizza oven. A series of stairs, terraces and decks connect all levels of the house and the two main structures to each other.

The architects used sustainable techniques for this project, such as a green roof, sunscreens, and complete envelope integrity. They also had to use special materials for the exteriors, ones that would face the specific challenges of the marine environment. These include metal window cladding, copper, cedar, concrete, and a lot of glass. The extensive glazing allows natural light to flood every room, while also opening the inside spaces towards the stunning views of the harbor.

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