Villa M By Architektonicke Studio Atrium In Kosice, Slovakia

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Jane Mullock
Jane Mullock
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This welcoming and comfortable home was dubbed Villa M, and it was designed by Architektonicke Studio Atrium. It can be found in Kosice, Slovakia, and it stands ready to provide exceptional living conditions for a family with children. Rising on 3 levels, the villa features spacious and beautifully decorated living areas that were separated effectively from one another for privacy purposes.

The original building was redesigned and reconstructed extensively in order to meet and surpass contemporary standards of comfort and luxury.  Furthermore, the architects decided to create 2 separate terraces for this abode, each one featuring its own distinct orientation. One of these terraces incorporates a swimming pool as well as a table for six and storage facilities for the firewood.

The kitchen is fully equipped and can be found in close proximity to the living room, which flaunts a fireplace, comfortable seating arrangements and a wooden coffee table. The upper level is reached via a floating staircase that boasts wooden steps.

From the Architektonicke Studio Atrium:

Yet another challenge. Harsh terrain, complicated reconstruction of the old building in order to create a new one. Result – New quality of life for a bigger family, creation of two terraces, each one oriented in a different direction.

Separation from the street, a lot of glass surfaces, ecological approach.

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